Bernd Schumacher has joined Hewlett Packard (HP), Germany in 1992 and since then, he has been working as a Technical Consultant and Solution Architect. He holds the degree of "Diplom-Informatiker".

Bernd has been the technical lead of a development team in many complex, customer specific Open Source projects. Bernd is an official developer of Debian/GNU Linux since 1998. Some of the customer specific Open Source Applications built by his team, include VoIP, High Availability, Security and Virtual Private Networks solutions. Most of these solutions are based on Debian/GNU Linux.

The most recent project that he is engaged in is a highly scalable email solution designed for 20 million users called Telecom Open Message for a HP customer in the communications industry.

HP solutions I developed as solution architect and technical project leader

HP and Debian

Presentation about Open Source developement

Debian Packages, that I maintain

Small Software Pieces

HP Certificate of Excellence February 2011




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